Julia Barretto vlog w/ Dennis Padilla now private, after Ogie Diaz’s interview

Netizens have these reactions after Julia Barretto turned the video with Dennis Padilla to “private”

In May, Julia Barretto shared a vlog on her YouTube channel featuring an interview with her father Dennis Padilla but now this video is private and netizens have these reactions to that.

It is known to many showbiz fans that there had been issues that were raised about the father-daughter relationship of Dennis and Julia.

Julia Barretto Dennis Padilla
Photo Source: Youtube

When Julia guested her father on her vlog, many of her fans were delighted about this and this has become one of the most-viewed videos on her YouTube channel.

However, this video is no longer available for the public as the actress decided to make it private. This came after the interview of Ogie Diaz with Dennis Padilla on his YouTube channel.

ogie diaz dennis padilla
📷: Ogie Diaz YouTube video

Dennis revealed the current situation of his relationship with his children with Marjorie Barretto, including the “last name” issue, financial support, and the relationship of Julia Barretto with Gerald Anderson.

In the said interview, Dennis also shared the struggles he had when he tested positive for COVID-19 and who were the people who helped him. He stressed that the prayers from his children helped him went through a tough time.

That difficult situation also made his faith stronger and be forgiving. Following this, netizens noticed that Julia already made the vlog she had with Dennis private.

Because of this, netizens expressed various reactions on the popular showbiz news site. Some netizens recalled the time when Dennis said “I love you” to Julia but her answer was “thank you”.

There were also netizens who said that after Ogie’s interview with Dennis, Julia received bashing once again while some said that she probably made the vlog private because it had more dislike. Here are some of the comments.

julia barretto comment
📷: via FP

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