Neil Salvacion answered this comment from a netizen about Rabiya Mateo

Rabiya Mateo’s ex-boyfriend Neil Salvacion defended her from a netizen who demanded her to apologize to all Filipinos due to the issue that was raised after they broke up.

After the 69th Miss Universe pageant, rumors circulated that Rabiya and Neil already broke up when the latter deleted all the photos with the beauty queen on his Instagram account.

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The fact that Rabiya was spotted with former Pinoy Big Brother housemate Andre Brouillette in the States added fuel to the fire.

Later on, Neil and Rabiya confirmed that they already separated but stressed that they are both happy with their decision.

In a recent Instagram post of Rabiya Mateo with her prayer to have a “stronger spirit and tougher heart everyday,” a netizen commented and recalled her “I can make a man stay” statement.

To recall, Rabiya had this statement back in 2020 when she shared that she and Neil have been together for six years already.

The netizen said that the Ilongga beauty queen should apologize because of this. “And I think you should also apologize to all Filipinos, because you hurt them as well, because of your statement. ‘I can make a man stay,” the netizen commented.

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The netizen also tagged Neil Salvacion with a message that he should not give up and that he will find the right girl for her.

Neil replied to this and defended his ex-girlfriend. “Happiness is a choice, we’re both happy with our decision, stop doing this kind of narrative. She doesn’t need to apologize to anyone,” he said.

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