Jhong Hilario’s Daughter, Sarina, Hits 1 Million Views W/ ‘Fly Me To The Moon’ Cover On YouTube

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Sarina, Daughter of Jhong Hilario, Soars to 1 Million YouTube Views with ‘Fly Me To The Moon’ Cover JHONG HILARIO – Host Jhong Hilario’s daughter, Sarina, hits 1 million views with ‘Fly Me To The Moon’ cover on YouTube. Jhong Hilario, born John Paulo Quiambao Hilario on August 11, 1976, is a famous Filipino actor, … Read more

VIDEO: Andrea Brillantes Surprising 2 Household Helpers W/ Motorcycles

Andrea Brillantes, Helpers

Andrea Brillantes Gifts Her 2 Household Helpers With Motorcycle ANDREA BRILLANTES – Kapamilya star Andrea Brillantes shared a video gifting her two (2) household helpers with a motorcycle. Andrea Brillantes is currently a figure who elicits both controversy and admiration in the entertainment scene. Despite being involved in various issues, her unquestionable talent has earned … Read more

Ivana Alawi Stopped Studying Back Then Because Of Bullying

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Ivana Alawi Stopped Schooling Back Then Because of Bullying She Experienced IVANA ALAWI – Youtuber and actress Ivana Alawi revealed that she stopped schooling back then because of bullying. Ivana Alawi, recognized as a well-known Filipino-Moroccan figure in the realms of vlogging, acting, and social media, was born on December 25, 1996, in Manila, Philippines. … Read more

Mark Bautista Reveals He Was S*xually Abused By A Relative

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Mark Bautista Reveals He Survived Childhood S*xual Abuse MARK BAUTISTA – Singer-actor Mark Bautista revealed he was sexually abused by an unnamed family member. Mark admitted in January 2018 that he is bisexual through his written book, “Beyond the Mark,” which became controversial due to his revelations. At the age of 40, Mark has not … Read more

KSMBPI Files Charges vs Toni Fowler Over Explicit YouTube Videos

Toni Fowler

The Kapisanan ng Social Media Broadcasters ng Pilipinas (KSMBPI) filed charges against Toni Fowler over explicit YouTube videos. The Pasay City Prosecutor’s Office files charges including violations of the Revised Penal Code Section 201 in Relation to the Cybercrime Law, which carries substantial penalties against the content creator.

Toni Fowler Faces Legal Charges Over Explicit YouTube Videos

Toni Fowler

Pinay Vlogger Toni Fowler Currently Faces Legal Troubles Over Explicit Videos on YouTube The popular Pinay vlogger Toni Fowler is currently facing legal charges for her sensitive and explicit YouTube videos. The Kapisanan ng Social Media Broadcasters ng Pilipinas (KSMBPI) filed charges against the content creator for allegedly producing three music videos on YouTube containing … Read more

Top 7 Tips For Earning Money On Youtube In 2023

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7 Tips For Making Money on YouTube In 2023 YOUTUBE IN 2023 – Interested in discovering how to earn money on YouTube? Explore these 7 effective methods to achieve YouTube monetization and start getting compensated for your efforts. Many individuals envision making money on YouTube as their ultimate dream. YouTubers seem to lead glamorous lives … Read more

VIDEO: Whamos Cruz Donate School Supplies To 3000 Students

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Whamos Cruz & Antonette Gail Del Rosario Helps W/ School Supplies For 3K Students WHAMOS CRUZ – Celebrity couple Whamos Cruz and Antonette Gail Del Rosario donated school supplies to 3000 students. Whamos Cruz, a well-known YouTube vlogger and content creator, has amassed a sizable fan base as a result of his humorous and engaging … Read more

Ivana Alawi Says She’s Not Ready To Date, Here’s Why

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Ivana Alawi Reveals Why She’s Not Ready To Date IVANA ALAWI – Youtube star and actress Ivana Alawi revealed the reason why she is not ready to date. One of the well-loved actresses and vloggers in the entertainment industry is Ivana Alawi. She first became known when she joined the reality show “StarStruck” on GMA-7. … Read more