Hardworking Guy Reaches Goal After Taking 6 Jobs at Same Time & Doing Business

Hardworking Guy Takes 6 Jobs at the Same Time & Doing Business Just to Fulfill Dreams

A hardworking guy finally reached his goal after taking six jobs at the same time while doing business and sacrificing sleep.

A netizen named Ton Reario has shared his rags to riches story after working hard for several years just to reach his dream. He finished his studies at FEU and gets a job but his income is not enough for their daily cost of living.

Reario took six jobs at the same time (Researcher, Korean teacher, call center agent, event planner and doing business at the same time. He is even depriving his sleep just to take his family out of poverty.

Hardworking Guy

After seven years of hard work and sleepless nights, he was able to buy a house and vehicle for his family. He also shared that he is not afraid to grab the opportunity out of his comfort zone.

Ton said that he live for more than 26 years at a slum area in Batasan Hills but they are now living in Fairview and thanked God for his success. He also encouraged the public to work hard to reach their dreams.

Hardworking Guy

Here is the full post:

I’m Ton. I used to live for more than 26 years sa slum area ng Batasan Hills. May tinapos sa pag aaral sa kolehiyo (FEU) pero laging kapos. I even worked ng sabay sabay for more than 6 companies all at the same time, (1. researcher 2. korean teacher 3. callcenter 4. events planner 5. emcee) while doing business on the side from 10am to 1AM just to fulfill my dreams.

I was praying so hard for an opportunity na one day darating din ang panahon na mapuputol din ang kahirapan, na hindi mababaw ang Panginoon para hindi makita ang hardships natin sa buhay. Naniwala ako na itinanim ang mga dreams natin ng Panginoon, hindi para paasahin tayu, pero para ito ay kunin at tuparin. 7 years after, hindi man ito Mansion. Pero malaki pa rin pasasalamat ko sa taas sa binigay nyang pagkakataon na magbago ang buhay ng aking pamilya.

Hindi na rin ako natakot sumubok ng opportunity outside of my comfort zone dahil naisip ko walang wala din nmn ako so anu pa ba ang mawawala. Ang payo ko lang , kung may pangarap ka tuparin at maniwala ka na makukuha mo rin ito. Laban lang kasi there is no overnight success.

From Batasan Hills to Fairview. The architectural design of the house ay kinuha ko ang inspiration from magazines only. The old house has been demolished already. I hope this leaves you inspired.

Inspiring words from Mr Ton Reario:

In this time of of trial, There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs, be willing to roll up your sleeves, and take action. Sometimes dumarating ang opportunities in our least expected way, God’s plan is way better than our plans. You may have a setback, but it is your opportunity for a comeback to learn new skills and unlock your potential.

Lastly, when you are about to quit , always remember your deep why. Mahirap maging mahirap, mahirap din magpayaman, Choose your hardnesss.”

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