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Delivery Rider Airs Disappointment for Having No Available Parking Space in Makati

Delivery Rider Airs Disappointment for Having No Available Parking Space in Makati

Delivery Rider Expresses Dismay After Receiving Violation Ticket in Makati But City Fails to Provide Parking Space

A delivery rider has expressed his disappointment for having no available parking space in Makati City.

A Facebook user named Virgilio Ravancho Melliza Jr. has shared the photos of No Parking/ Waiting signage in Makati City. He also received a violation ticket for parking in front of an establishment.

Melliza expressed his dismay towards Makati City for failing to provide a parking space for delivery riders whenever they deliver orders to the customers. He also advised his fellow riders to be more aware when traveling in Makati.

Delivery Rider

The rider said that Makati City has no parking space for delivery riders who will deliver goods to their clients. Parking beside road, according to the city’s ordinance. The buildings in the city could not accommodate the delivery employees.

Ravancho has been charged with illegal parking violation for parking in front of the drop-off point to deliver his customer’s order.

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Delivery Rider Delivery Rider Delivery Rider

Here is the full post:

“Sa makati mo lang to mararanasan di uso tango tango dyan dapat ung mata mo ndi sa daan at sa sign nakatingin kundi sa baba.. Lupit ng nakaisip nito jusko po… Kawawa sa mga food delivery na ang pick up sa gilid ng mismong road.. Kahit mag pay parking ka nlng sa mga building wala ka mapapasokan.. Sana nmn bigyan ng parking or allowed sila magpark sa tapat ng pick up vendor..

Ps. Ndi sa first time ko lng sa makati pero dati wala yan nakakagulat nlng..”

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