Motorist with Broken Tires Got Arrested by Traffic Cops for Illegal Parking Violation

Motorist with Broken Tires Arrested for Illegal Parking Violation Elicits Comments

A motorist with broken tires got arrested by traffic enforcers for illegal parking violation elicited comments in the online community.

Motorist with Broken
Image from Facebook post

Government agency staffs have been pushing for more efficient implementation of traffic laws aimed at helping to reduce traffic congestion and road discomfort and improve order in all streets.

Traffic cops are public servants authorized to apprehend motorists or individuals who will violate traffic rules and violations. However, the enforcers should properly implement traffic law with respect and consideration towards others.

Recently, a disappointed netizen named “Jerry Velasquez BLOG” shares some photos of traffic enforcers arresting a motorist due to illegal parking violation even though the motorist has broken tires and waiting for repairing it.

Motorist with Broken
Image from Facebook post

The photos show that two MMDa traffic enforcers holding a ticket that was being handed over to the driver of a broken motorcycle and was currently repairing on the side of the road. Netizen expresses dismay to the traffic cops did to the motorist.

“Pasikatin po ntin 2ng dalawang to. Indi m alam kung mkatao pba ung mga ginagawa nla s mga mu2rista e..biruin m titikitan k ng walang dahilan. ang dahlan nla illegal parking daw e nkita nman nyang walang gulong ung hulihan,Nabutasan kna hinule kpa ng mga gung~gong n tauhan ng mmda. Cge nga patakbhn m ung mu2r ng walang gulong..dapat s inyo tinatanggal,” said to his caption.

His post drew a lot of attention and elicits comments from netizens who also experienced alleged improper arrests from traffic enforcers and condemned their actions.

Here are some of their reactions:

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