Rude Customer Pushes Delivery Rider’s Motorcycle After Receiving Wrong Parcel

Rude Customer

Rude Customer Elicits Criticisms Online After Harassing Delivery Rider’s Motorcycle After Receiving Wrong Parcel A rude customer has been caught on camera pushing the delivery rider’s motorcycle after receiving a wrong parcel. Delivery rider is an employee for a courier company who was tasked to deliver the order of customers. However, there are some instances wherein … Read more

Delivery Rider After Meeting Deanna Wong “For me mukhang mabait naman siya”

Delivery Rider

Delivery Rider Describes Deanna Wong “mabait naman siya” During Encounter DEANNA WONG – A delivery rider described the volleyball player after meeting her in-person “For me mukhang mabait naman siya”. Last year, the volleyball team Choco Mucho has been one of the most discussed topics online after the members reportedly snub and give cold responses to … Read more

Mallgoers Occupy Rider’s Lounge, Delivery Worker Stand Up Beside Lounge


Mallgoers Earn Reactions from Netizens for Occupying Rider’s Lounge Several mallgoers occupy the rider’s lounge leaving a delivery worker to patiently stand up beside the lounge waiting for a vacancy. Riders’ lounges have been placed in certain malls across the country to accommodate the increasing number of food delivery riders. In order to provide delivery … Read more

Group of Unidentified Men Beats Poor Delivery Rider in Lucena City

Unidentified Men

Group of Unidentified Men Caught on Camera Beating Poor Delivery Rider in Lucena City FOOD DELIVERY RIDER – A group of unidentified men has been caught on camera beating a poor delivery rider in Lucena City. Nowadays, delivery riders work hard to earn money and provide for the financial necessities of their family. They usually … Read more

Vietnamese Nabbed after Grab Rider Reported Drug Deal in Makati

Grab Rider Reported Illegal Drug Delivery Attempt to a Vietnamese in Makati Police authorities arrested a Vietnamese national over an illegal drug delivery deal in reported by a Grab rider in Makati City. On Sunday, January 1, a Grab delivery rider successfully intercepted what was supposed to be a drug trade. This came after he … Read more

PWD Delivery Guy Earns Praises for Working Hard Despite Disability

PWD Delivery Guy

PWD Delivery Guy Earns Praises for Working Hard Despite Disability A PWD delivery guy earns praises from the online community for working hard despite his disability. Persons with disabilities (PWDs) include those who have long-term physical, mental, intellectual, or sensory impairments which in interaction with various barriers may hinder their full and effective participation in society … Read more

Female Customer Sends Wrong Message to Rider: “Dyan ka na sa babae mong maasim”

Female Customer

Female Customer Accidentally Sends Wrong Message to Delivery Rider A female customer goes viral online after she accidentally sent a wrong message to the delivery rider “Dyan ka na sa babae mong maasim”. Nowadays, food delivery service has been one of the most popular businesses not only in the Philippines but also in various countries … Read more

Frat Members Slam Delivery Rider for Wearing Shirt w/ Eagle Print

Frat Members

Video of Frat Members Lambasting Delivery Rider Wearing Shirt w/ Eagle Print Elicits Reactions Online Several frat members lambasted a delivery rider for wearing a shirt with an eagle print “Bawal nga yan, hindi ka pala eagle eh”. A Facebook user named “Luckyboy03” has shared the video footage of some frat members criticizing a delivery … Read more

Delivery Rider Arrested After Caught with P1.5-M Illegal Drugs

Delivery Rider in Valenzuela City Caught with Illegal Drugs Worth P1.5 Million Police authorities arrested a delivery rider after he was caught with illegal drugs worth P1.5 million in Valenzuela City. According to the report, the illegal substances known as “shabu” were recovered from a suspected drug peddler who is classified as a High-Value Individual … Read more