Gretchen Barretto On Fixing Relationship With Marjorie Barretto: “Never”

Gretchen Barretto Shuts Doors in Reconciliation With Sister Marjorie Barretto

GRETCHEN BARRETTO – Actress Gretchen Barretto said ‘never’ in fixing her relationship with her sister Marjorie Barretto.

A lot of people watched the Instagram Live of the sisters Gretchen Barretto and Claudine Barretto last week.

The Barretto sisters talked how they reconciled and they are now obviously in good terms with each other.

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However, Gretchen Barreto still has a few feud to settle like Kris Aquino and her sister Marjorie Barretto.

On the video, the former actress showed only a few signs that her conflict with Marjorie will end sooner.

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On Saturday night, Gretchen Barretto was interviewed by the news/talk radio station DZMM.

Based on a report from ABS-CBN, the actress said she will never reconcile with Marjorie Barretto.

“May kasabihan na ‘never say never’ pero allow me and indulge me. Gusto kong sabihin with regards to Marjorie: ‘never.’”

“I value my life, my mental health, my peace, and my finances. I am not ready and I don’t think I will ever be for Marjorie,” she added.

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According to the report, Gretchen said she doesn’t need the presence of Marjorie in her life yet but she will never stop loving her.

“She has become so toxic in my life. I would not stop loving her but I also love myself, I also love my family.” 

“Bakit ako sasama sa mga tao na they feel like they need to own what I own,” she added.

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Based on the report, Gretchen said she found shelter from her friends who doesn’t need her money.

The former actress sampled her younger sister Claudine who has been giving her presents instead of asking for one.

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