Senator Lapid Proposes Measure to Protect Food Delivery Riders

Senator Lapid Seeks Protection For Food Delivery Riders

Senator Lito Lapid proposed a measure seeking to protect the delivery riders who deliver foods and groceries to the customers.

On Tuesday (February 23, 2020), Lapid called out a passage in Senate Bill 1677, or the proposed “Food and Grocery Delivery Services Protection Act” during a joint Senate panel meeting.

The lawmaker asked the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to take actions into cases of order cancellation, which causes lost to the delivery riders. He also expressed his support for the delivery employees.

Senator Lapid

The 65-year-old senator explained that a lot of Filipino people depend on food delivery services especially the coronavirus pandemic. However, there are instances that customers cancel their order and do not show up.

“Ito ay napapanahon at maraming nanloloko sa ating mga consumer lalong-lalo na itong mga driver. Hindi naman pala totoong umo-order, kawawa naman. Napeke sila, ititinda na lang sa mga kanto-kanto para mabili,” Lapid said.

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DTI Undersecretary Ruth Castelo advised the rider to take screenshots of conversation with customers. Last year, some establishments set a new policy that the delivery employees do not have to make advance payment for the orders of customers.

Senator Lapid

Lapid wants food and grocery delivery service providers to establish a reimbursement scheme in favor of the riders paying the entire amount for ordered items in case of canceled orders. Customers who will cancel orders would be fined up to P100,000 and conviction of up to three months.

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