Delivery Rider Expresses Dismay Over Customers Canceling Orders

Delivery Rider

ORDER CANCELLATION – A frustrated delivery rider has expressed his dismay towards customers who cancel their orders. The delivery rider, Christian Patrick Rojo Penetrante, shared his thoughts on the challenges they face when customers unexpectedly cancel their orders. He emphasized that these cancellations cause inconvenience for the riders.

Delivery Rider Shares Frustration Over Order Cancellations

Delivery Rider

Delivery Rider Expresses Dismay Over Customers Cancelling Orders A delivery rider has shared his disappointment and frustration regarding customers canceling their orders. Recently, a Facebook user named Christian Patrick Rojo Penetrante expressed his feelings regarding customers canceling their orders. The post quickly spread like wildfire on social media and garnered various reactions online. Penetrante, a … Read more

Pizza Store Slams Customers For Returning Nearly Finished Pizzas, Claiming Toppings were Spoiled

Pizza Store

Pizza Store Addresses Concerns of Customers on Pizza Toppings with Quick Response A pizza store has expressed its disappointment to customers who returned nearly finished pizzas, claiming toppings were spoiled Nardy’s Pizza House, a local pizza store, recently addressed concerns on its Facebook page regarding customers returning pizzas with seemingly undesirable or spoiled toppings. The … Read more

Sari-Sari Store Owner Airs Dismay After Customers Don’t Return Soft Drink Bottles

Sari-Sari Store Owner

Sari-Sari Store Owner Expresses Frustration About Customers Who Failed to Return Soft Drink Bottles A sari-sari store owner has expressed her disappointment to customers who failed to return softdrink bottles “Wala na bibili if mag deposit Ako”. Sari-sari stores play an important role in many communities, serving as convenient hubs for daily necessities. Among the … Read more

Chowking Issues Statement Over Employee Required to Find Customers


Chowking Releases Official Statement Over Lady Employee Ordered by Manager to Find Customers The popular fast-food chain Chowking has released a statement addressing the recent controversy surrounding an employee who was tasked with finding customers. Chowking, a popular fast-food chain, has become a household name in the Philippines, known for its delicious fusion of Chinese … Read more

Fast-Food Chain in Kawit, Cavite Experiences Indoor “Shower” as Ceiling Began to Leak

Fast-Food Chain

Heavy Rains Left Customer of Fast-Food Chain in Kawit, Cavite in Commotion as Ceiling Began to Leak A fast-food chain in Kawit, Cavite experienced an indoor ‘shower’ as the ceiling began to leak due to a heavy downpour. Ross Calderon, a Facebook user, shared photos and videos of an indoor ‘shower’ at a fast-food chain … Read more

Traditional Photographer Waiting for Customers During Graduation Goes Viral

Traditional Photographer

Heartbreaking of Traditional Photographer Waiting for Customers During Graduation Touches Hearts of Netizens A traditional photographer waiting for customers during the graduation ceremony at Mabolo Elementary School in Cebu has touched the hearts of netizens. In the 1990s, during a pre-digital period, traditional photographers played an important role in photographing major moments, particularly school graduations. … Read more

Holdup Suspect Ignored by Customers in Salon Heist

Holdup Suspect

Brazen Robber Ignored by Customers in Salon Heist in America A holdup suspect has been ignored by the customers and staff of a nail salon in Atlanta, Georgia after demanding money from them. A nail salon in Atlanta, Georgia, became the scene of a daring robbery when an armed suspect barged in, demanding money from … Read more

Lechon Buwaya Draws Crowds in Davao City

Lechon Buwaya

Exotic Delicacy: Lechon Buwaya (Crocodile) in Davao City Attracts Customers The exotic delicacy ‘lechon buwaya’ being served at a zoo in Davao City caught the attention of online community. Are you tired of the usual lechon options like pork, chicken, or even goat? Are you looking to indulge in something more exotic? If so, you … Read more