Heartless Prankster Makes Fake Booking, Victimized 16 Food Delivery Riders

Concerned Netizen Shares Photo of Food Delivery Riders Victimized by Heartless Prankster

A heartless prankster makes fake booking and victimized around 16 food delivery riders worth P1,700-P1,900 per order.

A Facebook user named Rome Vladimir Agito Cuevas has shared the photos of Food Panda and Grab Riders who have been victimized by a fake booking. The post garnered various reactions from the social media users.

In the photo, it can be seen that the delivery riders were gathered in front of Cuevas’ residence in Paco, Manila on Tuesday (December 25, 2020). The prankster victimized around 16 delivery employees.

Heartless Prankster

Cuevas said that the ordered food costs from P1,700 to P1,900, which were purchased from various fast-food chains. Rome and some of his neighbors bought some of the items from the poor riders.

Some riders even begged to buy the orders while some have left and decided to sell it to the other customers.

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Here is the full post:

Maawa naman kayo sa mga Food Panda/Grab Riders. Samin pa na address. Daming order a. Party??? May parating pang iba.

Update: 16 Riders lahat lahat. 1700-1900 worth of orders kada isang rider.

The social media users expressed their reactions to the incident:

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