Meat Vendors & Consumers Struggle w/ Soaring Prices of Meat Products

Filipino Consumers and Meat Vendors Still Struggling w/ Escalating Prices of Meat Products in Market

Meat vendors and consumers are already struggling with the soaring prices of meat products at Sta. Ana Market in Manila.

Last week, the prices of pork meat increase by P10 due to the shortage of meat supply in Luzon due to the effects of African Swine Fever in the country. The vendors are also getting meat supplies in Cavite and Mindoro.

The vendors are previously taking meat supply from Bulacan before the pork meat shortage occurs. The price of pork liempo and meat have reached P400 per kilogram, ribs at P350 per kilo, and pork chop at P390 per kilo.

Meat Vendors

The consumers are already looking for alternative due to the shortage of pork meat and prefer to purchase beef. Sirloin’s price is amounting P420 per kilo while ribs at P390 per kilo, which has a small difference with pork product prices.

The prices of chicken meat also increased due to lesser supply. Chicken meat’s price is at P190 per kilogram, which contributes to the burden of the Filipino consumers.

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Meat Vendors

The vendors are already reducing their supply of meat products but they have still a lot of leftovers due to the soaring prices. Some vendors are turning the excess meat into lonnganisa, which is available at P350 per kilo.

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