Frankie Pangilinan says sorry after Markki slammed Dacera suspects post

Markki Stroem criticized the post of Frankie Pangilinan

Recording artist Frankie Pangilinan apologized after actor-singer Markki Stroem slammed her post showing the names of the suspects in the Christine Dacera case.

Frankie has been using her social media platforms to air her voice regarding social issues and the causes that she is fighting for. Because of this, she garners the admiration of many people.

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However, it is also a known fact that many people are also criticizing her because of this, just like what happened recently. The daughter of Megastar Sharon Cuneta and Senator Kiko Pangilinan shared the name of the “suspects” in the alleged Dacera “rape-slay case”.

This received a reaction from Markki who said that some of the names listed there are his friends. He said that his friends do not deserve the “public shaming”. Because of this, Frankie Pangilinan apologized.

Really sorry, I was under the impression I’d taken down my quote tweet already. deleted now for sure. it wasn’t my post to begin with and I just spread what I thought to be verified information since the conversation was being amplified repeatedly on my timeline,” she said.

Markki said that he understands the fight of Frankie regarding rape culture but one of his friends had to come out on national TV even before he was ready. “Yet there is another war that is far from over: Homophobia. A boy had to come out on national TV before he was ready,” the actor-singer stressed.

Markki Stroem
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He also pointed out the notion “Kahit Bakla yan, lalaki parin yan, tinitigasan.” Apparently, this came from the statement of Makati PNP Chief Harold Depositar which was slammed also by celebrities and netizens.

“Relay my deepest deepest apologies huhu sending all the love that can be managed,” Frankie Pangilinan answered.

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