Cristy Fermin Slams Sharon Cuneta’s Answer To A Basher

cristy fermin sharon cuneta

Cristy Fermin talked about the answer that Sharon Cuneta had to one of her bashers Veteran showbiz writer Cristy Fermin contradicted the way Megastar Sharon Cuneta replied to a basher who commented on her Instagram post. Sharon was one of the topics that Cristy talked about in her YouTube showbiz show Showbiz Now Na with … Read more

Frankie Pangilinan After Pura Luka Vega’s Arrest: “Drag is not a Crime”

Frankie Pangilinan

Frankie Pangilinan Goes Viral Over Controversial IG Story After Pura Luka Vega’s Arrest Frankie Pangilinan appeared to express her support for Pura Luka Vega after he was arrested, exclaiming, “Drag is not a Crime”. The Filipino Amadeus Fernando Pagante known as Pura Luka Vega was arrested and detained at the Manila Police District Station 3 … Read more

Sharon Cuneta Admits Real Feeling After KC Unfollowed Frankie, Kiko

Sharon Cuneta

Here’s what Sharon Cuneta feels after KC Concepcion did this. SHARON CUNETA – The screen veteran has this confession when asked what she felt when KC Concepcion unfollowed these two people. Actress entrepreneur KC Concepcion is the daughter of Megastar Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion. However, the marriage of the couple did not last that … Read more

KC Concepcion, Frankie Pangilinan Have A Long-Standing Rift – Cristy Fermin

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Cristy Fermin talked about KC Concepcion and Frankie Pangilinan Veteran showbiz writer Cristy Fermin claimed that half-sisters KC Concepcion and Frankie Pangilinan have a long-standing rift. Just recently, an issue between the daughters of Megastar Sharon Cuneta surfaced. KC reveals why she unfollowed Frankie on Instagram, as well as her stepdad Kiko Pangilinan. The actress … Read more

KC Concepcion “Unfollowed” Kiko & Frankie But “Will Never Unlove”

KC Concepcion

Here’s the statement of KC Concepcion regarding the unfollowing issue involving Kiko Pangilinan and Frankie. Actress-singer KC Concepcion releases statement after unfollowing stepdad Kiko Pangilinan and sister Frankie on social media. Previously circulating online was the unfollowing issue of KC Concepcion. Eagle-eyed netizens spotted that KC unfollowed stepdad Kiko Pangilinan and sister Frankie on Instagram … Read more

Sharon Cuneta Has This Feeling Amid KC, Kiko, Frankie Issue

sharon cuneta kc concepcion frankie pangilinan kiko pangilinan

A source revealed what Sharon Cuneta feels amid the recent conflict in her family Megastar Sharon Cuneta has this feeling amid the conflict between her husband Kiko Pangilinan and her children Frankie Pangilinan and KC Concepcion. Previously, KC confirmed that she unfollowed her stepdad and her half-sister on Instagram following the comments from netizens who … Read more

KC Concepcion-Sharon Cuneta Conflict: Talent Manager Speaks

kc concepcion sharon cuneta

What’s the reason behind the recent conflict between KC Concepcion and Sharon Cuneta? It is confirmed that celebrities KC Concepcion and Sharon Cuneta have a recent conflict and a talent manager has spoken about this. KC and Sharon already had conflicts in the past and the showbiz industry has known about this. Just recently, it … Read more

Gabby Concepcion Knows Why KC Concepcion Unfollowed Kiko, Frankie

gabby concepcion kc concepcion kiko pangilinan frankie pangilinan

KC, the daughter of Gabby Concepcion, appeared to have a conflict with her stepdad and stepsister Seasoned actor Gabby Concepcion reportedly knows the reason why his daughter actress KC Concepcion unfollowed her stepdad Kiko Pangilinan and her stepsister Frankie Pangilinan. Just recently, netizens noticed that KC is no longer following Kiko and Frankie on Instagram. … Read more

KC Concepcion Reveals Why She Unfollowed Kiko, Frankie Pangilinan

KC Concepcion talked about the recent issue between her and her stepfather and stepsister Actress KC Concepcion revealed the reason why he unfollowed his stepfather former Senator Kiko Pangilinan and her half-sister Frankie Pangilinan. Netizens noticed just recently that KC was no longer following Kiko and Frankie. This created speculation that there was a conflict … Read more