Hardworking Kids Receive Brand New Bikes After Taking Part Time Jobs

Hardworking Kids Taking Part Time Jobs To Earn Money Received Brand New Bikes From Kind Netizen

Two hardworking kids received brand new bikes after taking part time jobs as construction workers to earn money.

A Facebook user named Manjit Reandi has shared the photos of two bicycles he give as a surprise gift for the two hard-working children. The post goes viral and garnered various reactions from the online community.

The young children identified as Onyok, 16-year-old and Dexter, 10-year-old were both taking a part time job to earn money so they could buy a bicycle even if it is a secondhand unit that they could share.

Hardworking Kids

Dexter make a social media post looking for an unused bicycle that he and his cousin Onyok could buy for P1,000. The two earned the money through carrying rocks at a construction site. Aside from construction job, Dexter is also working as a dishwasher.

Reandi saw Dexter’s post and immediately asked his cousin to buy two bicycles as a gift for the two hardworking boys.

Hardworking Kids

Here is the full post:

Early Christmas Gift for this hardworking kids

This is onyok and dexter, 16 yrs old and 10 yrs old. Both works as a part time construction worker, earlier today

Dexter Pandis

posted something that really caught my attention (screenshot posted) i was amazed at an early age napakasipag nila and both of them are studying,i liked the way he posted, hindi sya humihingi, he wanted to buy a bike from his savings from the construction, Dexter also works as a part time dishwasher in a bakery owned by a family who are helping them as well. When i saw dexter’s post with the comments (masipag talaga sya) i immediately asked my ever supportive cousin

Andrew Generao

to accompany me to buy 2 bikes for this well deserving kids, and there it is. Speechless din sila which ia nakakatuwa kasi even the owner of the bakery was crying when they saw the 2 new bikes for this kids.

Merry christmas from kuya jet

Ps: thank you for the very delicious dough maestra that you baked and cold brew ”

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Hardworking Kids Hardworking Kids

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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