Francium | About The Element And The Following Uses

Francium | About The Element And The Following Uses

FRANCIUM – In this topic, we are going to know and learn the element Francium and some of its following uses.


It is a chemical element with the symbol Fr , and the atomic number 87, hence, it is 87Br . It was known previously as eks-caesium before its discovery.

The element is extremely reactive and the second most electropositive element, behind only caesium. It is also the second rarest naturally occurring element.

The element was discovered by Marguerite Perey in France, with the latter the origin of the element’s name. This was also the last element that was first discovered in nature rather than by synthesis.

It is extremely rare, with trace amounts found in uranium and thorium ores as also mentioned, the element occurs on the decay of the alpha particles, which are found in the minerals of uranium..

The element is also one of the most unstable of the naturally occurring elements. It is also an alkali metal whose chemical properties mostly resemble to that of caesium.


Here are some of its uses, according to Byjus:

  • It has been used in the field of research, chemistry and also in the atomic structure.
  • The element is used for diagnostics for curing cancers and in many spectroscopic experiments.
  • It is a highly radioactive metal but it exhibits a short half-life, giving less impact on the environment

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