Young Kids Help Relief Efforts for Typhoon Victims

Some young kids has shown their compassion towards the typhoon victims and even helped the relief efforts.

A few weeks ago, series of powerful tropical cyclones hit the country particularly over some parts of Luzon. The strings of typhoon causes severe devastation in affected areas and displaced thousands of residents.

The strong storms have also triggered severe flooding in Marikina City, Cagayan, and Isabela leaving thousands of residents with little or even nothing to start with. The flooding washed out houses and possessions.

Young Kids

The Philippine government, private organizations, and kind-hearted individuals have already conducted a relief efforts and other programs to help the victims of typhoon and floods, which has been a part of Filipino culture.

Some young kids identified as Samantha Chan Sytin and Arwen Hansen, both 11-year-old donate some goods for the typhoon victims. The two kids never thought that homes will be destroyed and things were washed away.

The kids saw the videos of many people stranded on their roofs while others are swimming dirty water.

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Young Kids

Samantha donates set of blankets and towels while Arwe put a donation project to give more goods to the typhoon victims. Arwe initially donated 100 sets of blankets and towels but they want to increase it to 500.

A 12-year-old kid named Adriana Tan Zubiri has also launched Project Hawak Kamay to raise funds to give foods packs to around 160 jeepney families in Marikina City.

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Young Kids Young Kids

“Seeing all the families and children losing their homes and lives, made me feel that I needed to reach out and do something to help them,” Zubiri said.

What can you say about these kind children? Just feel free to leave your comments and reactions to this article.

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