Young Kids Show Compassion to Typhoon Victims & Help Relief Efforts

Young Kids

Young Kids Help Relief Efforts for Typhoon Victims Some young kids has shown their compassion towards the typhoon victims and even helped the relief efforts. A few weeks ago, series of powerful tropical cyclones hit the country particularly over some parts of Luzon. The strings of typhoon causes severe devastation in affected areas and displaced … Read more

Coast Guard Makes Young Children Cry During Apprehension & Gives Them Relief Goods

Young Children

Video Footage of Coast Guard Makes Young Children Cry Goes Viral The video footage of coast guard Siargao making young children cry during apprehension and gives them relief goods goes viral. The Philippine Coast Guard is an armed and uniformed service enforcing the rules and regulations within the Philippine waters. The agency’s employees are tasked to protect … Read more

Pinoy OFW Wears Power Ranger Costume & Feeds Young Kids

power ranger

Inspiring Photos of Pinoy OFW Wearing Power Ranger Costume Feeding & Entertaining Young Kids Circulates Online A Pinoy OFW shows an act of kindness towards the less fortunate after wearing a red Power Ranger costume and feed the young children. Nowadays, a lot of Filipino people living under the line of poverty really need help … Read more