Male Thief Caught on Camera Stealing Lady Customer’s Wallet

CCTV Footage Shows Male Thief Stealing Lady Customer’s Wallet in Pasay City

A male thief has been caught on camera while stealing the wallet of a lady customer who is shopping at a sari-sari store in Pasay City.

Over the past few decades, robbery has been one of the most common types of crimes happening in different countries all around the world. Robbery cases continue to increase due to poverty.

The Philippine authorities and the government are already implementing stricter rules and regulations to prevent such incidents. However, the rate of criminality continues to increase despite the stricter policy.

Male Thief

The coronavirus pandemic also affect the global economy and thousands of people worldwide lost their jobs.

Recently, a Twitter user named Anjo Bagaoisan has shared the photo and video of a male thief who stole the wallet of a female customer, who is having a transaction at a sari-sari store in Pasay City.

The incident has been caught on CCTV, which happened in Barangay 111 in the City of Pasay.

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Male Thief

Here is the full post:

PANOORIN: Nahagip ng CCTV ang pananalisi ng suspek sa biktima. Tiyumempo siyang nakatingin sa iba ang babae bago niya inagaw ang wallet na nakapatong sa store counter.

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