Lady Customer Shows Kindness Towards Saleslady Who Accidentally Broke Merchandise

Lady Customer

Lady Customer Earns Praises After Showing Kindness Towards Saleslady A lady customer earns praise online after showing kindness towards a saleslady who accidentally broke merchandise. In a heartwarming incident at a local mall, netizens were deeply moved by the compassion and generosity shown by a woman named Kristine Taule-Manahan toward a saleslady after an accidental … Read more

Pinoy Artist & Lady Customer Reconcile After Controversial Conversation About Use of Bible Verses

Pinoy Artist

Pinoy Artist & Lady Customer Reached an Understanding After Controversial Conversation The viral Pinoy artist and his lady customer have reconciled after the controversial conversation about fee and use of Bible verses. After a controversial exchange of messages between a Pinoy artist Chaboy Dela Cruz and a customer who wanted to commission him for a … Read more

Lady Customer Airs Dismay Due to Response of ‘Lutang’ Online Seller

Lady Customer

Lady Customer Shares Her Conversation w/ an ‘Lutang’ Online Seller ONLINE SELLER – A lady customer has expressed her dismay due to the inappropriate response of a ‘lutang’ online seller. In recent years, the popularity of online selling has skyrocketed, with many individuals starting their own businesses on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Lazada. … Read more

Lady Customer Posts Delivery Rider’s Sweet Message for Wife

Lady Customer

Lady Customer Flexes Delivery Rider’s Sweet Message for His Wife HEARTWARMING LETTER – A lady customer has posted the delivery rider’s sweet yet lengthy message for his beloved wife. Delivery riders have become an essential part of modern-day commerce, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. With social distancing and quarantine measures in place, … Read more

Lady Customer Brings ‘Spaghetti’ After Crew Asked Her to Evacuate Amid Davao Quake

Lady Customer

Lady Customer Brings ‘Spaghetti’ After Crew Asked Her to Evacuate Amid Davao Quake A lady customer brings her ‘Jolly Spaghetti’ after the fast-food manager asked them to evacuate amid Davao quake. The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology recorded a 5.9-magnitude earthquake in Davao de Oro on Tuesday (March 7, 2023). It was followed two … Read more

Lady Customer During Lunch at Popular Fast-Food Chain: “Di na ata tlaga pang-masa”

Lady Customer

Lady Customer Airs Sentiments at Famous Fast-Food Chain A lady customer has expressed her sentiments while having lunch at a popular fast-food chain: “Di na ata tlaga pang-masa” Mang Inasal is a fast-food chain that has been serving Filipino comfort food since 2003. Known for its juicy and flavorful chicken inasal, a grilled chicken dish … Read more

Delivery Rider Cries After Lady Customer Refused to Give ‘TIP’

Delivery Rider

Video of Delivery Rider Who Cried After Lady Customer Refused to Give ‘TIP’ Goes Viral DELIVERY RIDER – A delivery rider gets emotional and bursts into tears after a lady customer refused to give ‘tip’. (SCRIPTED) The Facebook page “Team RMN” shared scripted video footage of a delivery rider who became emotional and burst into … Read more

Lady Customer Slams Popular Filipino Restaurant After She Spots ‘Ipis’ in Their Meal

Lady Customer

Lady Customer Expresses Dismay at Popular Filipino Restaurant After She Discovers Insects in Their Meal A lady customer lambasted a popular Filipino restaurant after she found two insects in the meal they ordered. A Facebook user named Shannel Caravana has shared the photos of two cockroaches she found in the meal they ordered from a … Read more