Lady Customer Humiliates Fast-food Crew Over Allegedly Bitten Food

Lady Customer

Fast-food Crew Embarrassed by Lady Customer Over Allegedly Bitten Food A lady customer elicits reactions online after humiliating a fast-food chain employee over her purportedly bitten order. Recently, the Facebook page “Lucky Me” shared a video of the woman complaining at a popular fast-food restaurant. The post quickly went viral, eliciting various reactions from the … Read more

Lady Customer Slams Store’s Poor Service Quality “almost 2hrs na daw nag aantay ung iba”

Lady Customer

Lady Customer Expresses Dismay Over Local Store’s Poor Service Quality A lady customer lambasted a local store for poor service quality, reiterating, “almost 2hrs na daw nag aantay ung iba.” Poor quality service refers to a substandard level of service provided by a business or organization to its customers or clients. It surrounds various aspects … Read more

Lady Customer Tricks Online Seller w/ Fake Receipts Worth P200K

Lady Customer

Lady Customer Uses Fake Receipts Worth P200K to Deceive Online Seller FRAUD – A lady customer has been arrested in Las Piñas City for allegedly deceiving an online seller using fake receipts. Manila Police District Anti-Cybercrime team leader Police Captain Marlon Flores said that an entrapment operation was conducted against the suspect known as Alyas … Read more

Lady Customer Airs Dismay Over Contaminated Kwek-Kwek Sold by Street Vendor

Lady Customer

Lady Customer Slams Street Vendor for Selling Alleged Contaminated Kwek-Kwek A lady customer has expressed her dissatisfaction over an alleged contaminated kwek-kwek sold by a street vendor. Kwek-Kwek is a type of street food made from eggs. These eggs are coated in a seasoned orange batter and then deep-fried until they become crispy and golden … Read more

Lady Customer Calls Out Popular Fast-Food Chain Manager’s Disrespectful Behavior

Lady Customer

Lady Customer Calls Out Popular Fast-Food Chain Manager’s Disrespectful Behavior POOR QUALITY SERVICE – A lady customer calls out the manager of a popular fast-food chain for showing disrespectful behavior. Recently, a Facebook user Jessica Elline Morrison expressed her dismay over the manager of a Jollibee branch for showing a lack of respect towards customers. … Read more

Lady Customer Makes Scene at Restaurant to Avoid Paying Bill

Lady Customer

Lady Customer Puts Own Hair to Food to Get Refund ENGLAND – A lady customer and her colleague resorted to a cunning scheme to avoid paying for their meal worth £12.95 or more than P800. In the CCTV footage, a female customer and her colleague can be seen entering a restaurant in Blackburn, England. The … Read more

Female Netizen Slams Fast-Food Chain Branch Over Undersized Chicken Joy

Female Netizen

FRIED CHICKEN – A female netizen lambasted a popular fast-food chain branch over an undersized chicken joy. A customer named Leah Ornopia has expressed her dissatisfaction after receiving the fried chicken she ordered from a fast-food chain. It appears to be smaller than the regular size of Jollibee’s Chicken Joy. She even compared it to ‘kanto’ … Read more

Lady Customer Complains About Undersized Chicken Joy “Ayan oh deneliver nyo sa amin kanina ganyan kaliit”

Lady Customer

Lady Customer Expresses Dissatisfaction w/ Delivered Chicken Joy A lady customer has expressed her dissatisfaction about an undersized chicken joy, exclaiming, “Ayan oh deneliver nyo sa amin kanina ganyan kaliit.” Jollibee’s Chicken Joy stands out in the world of fast food and fried chicken for its distinct and definitely amazing flavor. This crispy and succulent … Read more

Lady Customer Shows Kindness Towards Saleslady Who Accidentally Broke Merchandise

Lady Customer

Lady Customer Earns Praises After Showing Kindness Towards Saleslady A lady customer earns praise online after showing kindness towards a saleslady who accidentally broke merchandise. In a heartwarming incident at a local mall, netizens were deeply moved by the compassion and generosity shown by a woman named Kristine Taule-Manahan toward a saleslady after an accidental … Read more