Niall Horan A “Racist” Because He’s Not Listening To BTS ‘Dynamite’?

BTS fans bash Niall Horan because he doesn’t listen to their song.

NIALL HORAN – One Direction member Niall Horan admits not listening to BTS and their fans criticized and called him a “racist” due to this.

Niall James Horan is a member of One Direction along with Harry Styles, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson. And among their famous songs are “Best Song Ever”, “Drag Me Down”, “Gotta Be You”, “Kiss You”, “Little Things”, “More Than This”, “Night Changes”, “One Thing”, and many others.

Their band surely is the one who has the biggest fandom in the world. And just recently, when asked by someone if he’s ever listened to BTS’ “Dynamite”, he honestly answered that he haven’t which sparked criticisms against him coming from other fans of this Korean group.

He was called a racist, told that it’s such an embarrassment and should have just kept it to himself, a disappointment, that his answer is nothing to be proud of, and among other offensive terms. This all rooted just because he haven’t heard of the song yet.

Defending the One Direction member, here’s comments from some of his fans:

So what if he didn’t listen to your idols? Is it required?

Effin toxic, so much for a group that promotes self love and peace. Do better.

Masyado ng toxic yung iba.

I am sincerely asking you to stop bashing Niall for not listening to Dynamite.

BTS’ Dynamite official music video from YouTube channel of Big Hit Labels already reached over 330 million views after 2 weeks since its upload. This is their first fully recorded English song and debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song is also the first Korean song to have topped the Hot 100.


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