Liza Soberano Calls Out Converge ICT Causing Quick Responses From Other ISPs

LIZA SOBERANO CALLS OUT CONVERGE – Netizens pointed out how ISPs quickly responded to complaints as long as you’re a famous celebrity.

Recently, Liza Soberano took to twitter to complain about her slow internet connection from Converge. “Converge really needs to start fixing their internet speed. I am an unhappy customer”, the actress said.

Afterward, Liza’s fans also pointed pointed out their complaints against other internet service providers such as PLDT, Smart, and Globe. However, because the initial complaint came from Liza, the ISPs were fast to respond to their customers complaints.

Liza Soberano Calls Out Converge, Globe, PLDT, Smart Responds Too
Image from: Kapamilya Online World

Smart also chimed in the conversation and personally wanted to assist a customer in their internet issue. This all happened because Liza Soberano initially had complaints against Converge.

Because of this, some netizens speculated that the other ISPs were trying to impress subscribers of their competition. Meanwhile, others complained that ISPs only try and assist you if you’re a celebrity.

Liza Soberano Calls Out Converge, Globe, PLDT, Smart Responds Too
Image from: Kami

Understandably, if a person as famous as Liza Soberano complains about their service, that ISP risk losing not only that celebrity, but their fans who subscribe to the same service as well. Here are some more of the interactions between the ISPs and Soberano’s fans.

According to Kapamilya Online World, as a response to her slow internet connection, Liza got herself an emergency pocket wifi which she showed in her Instagram story.

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