Duterte Pushes P209 Billion DND Budget To Battle Threats

P209 BILLION BUDGET – President Rodrigo Duterte pushes for a P209.1 Billion budget for the Department of National Defense’s (DND) fight against terrorism.

Along with this, the President also wanted to improve the Philippine Military’s modernization program. According to an article from Inquirer, President Duterte said:

The DND will receive a P209.1-billion budget to address threats and combat terrorism in the country. This budget also supports the revised Armed Forces of the Philippines Modernization Program amounting to P33 billion.

Duterte Pushes P209 Billion Defense Budget Amid Pandemic
Image from: Interaksyon

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Duterte emphasized the importance of maintaining peace and order in the Philippines. Furthermore, he cited that a strong nation defense would “ensure that this country will grow into a strong and resilient nation with a sustainable future”.

Here is the breakdown of the P209.1 Billion budget as per the article:

Based on the Department of Budget and Management’s website, the Philippine Army would receive the bulk of the budget at P96.8 billion.

The AFP General Headquarters would be allocated P45.4 billion, P33 billion of that would be utilized for its modernization program. Meanwhile, the Philippine Navy was given P31.1 billion.

The Philippines Air Force also had a proposed budget of P29.8 billion. In Addition, 1.3 billion was allocated for the government arsenal. Moreover, the remaining P4.7 billion would be used for the benefit of the Philippine Veterans Affairs Office, Veterans Memorial Medical Center, and others.

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