Julia Barretto on Living Alone: “It was such a big adjustment…”

Actress Julia Barretto has this take about living independently.

JULIA BARRETTO – Kapamilya actress Julia Barretto opened up about living independently in a home she bought on her own.

Moving close to her mother’s house is Julia Barretto who at 22 years old has already moved out and lived independently. From her earnings as an actress, she was able to buy a property and built her own 3-story house. Even though living alone, she admitted that she still needs her mother Marjorie Barretto and from time to time, she goes to their family and eat meals.


Also, since she’s just few steps away from home, she also get to invite her mother over dinner and eat with her. Her siblings also go to her and bake together. Their youngest, Erich, loves cookies. It was accordingly mainly her mother who encouraged her invest her money in a property.

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And living independently has done so good to her and accordingly a good experience. It has changed her and at early years of her life, she was able to do things on her own. Blessed to have the freedom of being independent, she describe her home as her place of calm.


As per a report from ABS-CBN, she shared, “It has really changed me. It has made me very independent and I learned to do things on my own so early in my life.”

It was 2017 that the construction of her home has started and after two years, it has been completed and she was finally able move in which she did in late 2019.


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