LOOK! Marjorie Barretto Posts “Brownout Bonding” of Children

Photos of What Marjorie Barretto’s Children Did During Brownout

MARJORIE BARRETTO – The former actress took to the social media photos showing the bonding of her children amid the brownout.

One of the most prominent families in the Philippine showbiz industry is the Barretto. Several members of this family are into acting though some of them have already left the limelight.

Marjorie is one of those who have left showbiz. She engaged in public service and dedicated her time rearing her five (5) children – Dani, Julia, Claudia, Leon, and Erich.

Visibly, Marjorie is very happy being a mother to her five (5) children. She is also a grandmother now to Millie, her granddaughter with her eldest. Dani married Xavi Panlilio.


Dani has chosen to live a life away from the acting field. She is a vlogger and has her own YouTube channel. She usually vlogs her trips and experiences together with Xavi and Millie.


Julia is the one who entered the showbiz industry. She did a lot of successful projects including the movies I Love You, Hater, Block Z, Love You To the Stars and Back, and Vince And Kath And James. Her hard work has enabled her to build her own house.


Claudia Barretto is into the singing industry. Her voice and taste in music has inspired a lot of people.


Marjorie Barretto is with Claudia, Leon, and Erich at their house. Meanwhile, Julia’s house is just near their family’s house so she often visits them and eat with them.

Recently, a brownout took place at the Barretto residence. The children of Marjorie had a wonderful bonding moment. Here are the photos of their “brownout bonding” as posted of Marjorie Barretto on Instagram:


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