Kat Alano Details Controversial Malicious Past w/ #rhymeswithwrong

Victim of a malicious act, Kat Alano recalls what happened that day when she wore nothing revealing but still the man did it.

KAT ALANO – Former host Kat Alano has recalled that moment when she got maliciously violated by someone who is famous until now.

Joining the growing number of women speaking about “rape” and being done that by someone just because of the clothes they wear, former television host Kat Alano also spoke. She recalled that moment when she was just drugged and wearing just jeans and shirt but the assailant still went on with his malicious intention towards her.


This is to point that no matter what someone wears if there is crazy and sick people around with no respect to others, this taboo will always happen. There were victims as young as less than 1 year old and it’s clearly not about the dress. She said this after Ben Tulfo’s statement about women should wear decent and formal clothes so as to avoid being harassed.

And here are some of the comments from her post on Twitter:

I believe KAT. I dont believe DENISE. Ganun ka simple.

I hope someday you’ll be brave to name him. The best time is now.

It boggles me that he still has a career after that. Bumabaligtad sikmura ko every time I see him on TV

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To recall, in her statements before, the man is a famous personality and is protected by people. There were several malicious cases filed before him but what’s stopping her to file the case and dropping the name is the unfair justice system in the country which will just favor the suspect and she would end up facing perjury case for “damaging his reputation”.


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