Lauren Young slams Ben Tulfo and his controversial statement about women.

BEN TULFO – Kapuso actress Lauren Young slams Ben Tulfo and shared her past about being harassed publicly despite being covered up.

The statement of Ben Tulfo over sensitive situation involving women rooted after Megastar daughter Frankie Pangilinan reacted over a police station telling women to dress properly in order to avoid being harassed. She reasoned out that its the people who should learn not to do it instead of teaching girls how to dress.

“Hija @kakiep83 , a rapist or a juvenile sex offender’s desire to commit a crime will always be there. All they need is an opportunity, when to commit the crime. Sexy ladies, careful with the way you dress up! You are inviting the beast.” – This is the full controversial malicious statement of the broadcaster.

The statement is clear about blaming the women for having offenders around them for wearing something revealing. However, to some netizens, how long will women cover up and not express themselves through their clothing if even some of those who are covered up and despite being dressed formally are still being molested?

What about those victims as young as two years old? Are offenders having the “urge” seeing the diapers? Does wearing diaper and pajama a provocative outfit now? How about those grandmothers? At some point, some offenders reached doing things such as doing “it” with an animal. How would they explain this sick act?

These are the points of women on Twitter when the statement erupted and sparked online outrage. Speaking up about victim-blaming, Kapuso actress Lauren Young also reacted and protested with the rest of the women. She stressed that being dressed the way they wanted to be is not to allow men to do something. Men should learn to control their “feelings” because that’s the gift of a being a person and being supreme among other creatures, having the capacity to think and control.

Sharing her story, Lauren said that there was a time in a beach and there’s this man who touched her chest in a public place. And at that time, she was not wearing something to make him have the urge. The point of her story, people are not entitled to do whatever they want even if they are sober or not or wearing sexy or decent. Respect is the key and some men just clearly don’t have it.


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