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How Bartholomew, Thomas, and Philip from the 12 apostles story have died?

12 APOSTLES STORY – This is what happened to apostles Bartholomew, Thomas, and Philip after Jesus Christ has been executed.

After Jesus’ sufferings to save us all, he ascended to the heaven and ruled. But as we all know, He have His 12 disciples with Him all throughout His journey. What happened to them right after?

Here’s how Bartholomew, Thomas, and Philip died:

Just like most of them, he was martyred – flayed and beheaded. He was beaten in a very cruel way and was crucified. A claim from The Golden Legends indicated, “He died in Alban, a city of great Armenia, crucified the head downward. St. Theoderus saith that he was flayed, and it is read in many books that he was beheaded only.”
However, it was said in other claims that he was beaten and drowned in the ocean.

He was also called as the “Doubting Thomas” and in the Acts Of Thomas, he died in Mylapore, India where he was stabbed to death with the use of spears.

There have been conflicting stories about this for there was two Philips before – the apostle and the evangelist. There were surely a lot of possibilities how he died and among the records told that he either naturally died, stoned to death, beheaded, or crucified. He died around 80 AD. But according to Acts Of Philip, which is quite not reliable, he accordingly had the wife of a proconsul converted which angered the proconsul. He had him and Bartholomew crucified upside down and while hanging, he continued preaching which made the crowd asked for their release.

The 12 apostles of Jesus Christ are as per Overview Bible are:

  • Peter
  • James
  • John
  • Andrew
  • Bartholomew or Nathanael
  • James, the Lesser or Younger
  • Judas
  • Jude or Thaddeus
  • Matthew or Levi
  • Philip
  • Simon the Zealot
  • Thomas


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