Over 6000 Passengers Stuck on Cruise Ship As Two People on Board Tested for Coronavirus

More Than 6000 Passengers Trapped on Cruise Ship As Two People Fell Ill on Board & Currently Tested for Novel Coronavirus

More than 6000 passengers are trapped on Costa Smeralda vessel cruise ship as two people are tested for the deadly coronavirus.

The Costa Smeralda Vessel is currently being held 35 miles north of Rome after a 54-year-old lady reportedly fell ill with a fever and flu, which are some signs and symptoms of the mysterious disease.

The woman together with her beloved husband has been isolated from other passengers. The couple reportedly came from Macao, an autonomous region in China. The cruise ship was placed on lockdown due to the incident.

‘We’re a bit worried of course. No-one is getting on or off the ship apart from the doctors. This holiday risks ending in a nightmare,’ one of the passengers said.

Over 6,000 passengers along with its 1,000 crew members will not be allowed until the woman’s test result. The woman’s initial tests turn negative but the accurate test results would be released after 48 hours.

Cruise Ship

‘We are waiting to know the outcome of the checks still in progress, but everything that needed to be done has been done. The situation is under control and at the moment there is no reason for concern on board,’ Leone added.

Cruise Ship

The woman had a high temperature and suffering from some sort of respiratory problems. However, the shipping line refused to give the name of the lady. The ship was sailing from Mallorca, Spain heading to Civitavecchia for a Mediterranean cruise.

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