Facebook Targets Groups For Spreading False Information

The Giant Of Social Media Networking Decided To Address Issues Of Misinformation

FACEBOOK TARGETS – Facebook has decided to ‘crack down’ on groups that cause the spread of false information throughout the social media platform.

Recently, is has been revealed that there would be some changes in the top social media platforms this 2019. Read more about it here.

Facebook Targets
Photo taken from Business Insider

Facebook, being one of the top platforms for information sharing, has been battling against false information. And they have just decided to take aim at groups that cause the spread of false information in an attempt to stop it.

This will be done, according to them, by putting trust indicators on Facebook news feeds.

According to an article from Manila Bulletin, Facebook’s President of Integrity Guy Rosen revealed actions prepared by Facebook to “remove, reduce and inform” as part of a strategy launched three years ago for troublesome content.

Guy Rosen explained the actions in his statement:

“This involves removing content that violates our policies, reducing the spread of problematic content that does not violate our policies and informing people with additional information so they can choose what to click, read or share.”

A check on “group quality” feature will also be added according to Guy Rosen. The feature will provide an overview of contents that have been flagged, removed or confirmed as false information.

If a group persists in sharing a content has been confirmed to be false information, Facebook will cut down that group’s news feed appearances.

Facebook also reported collaboration with other experts to combat the issue of misinformation quickly.

For instance, the ‘trust indicator’ feature are developed by an association of news organizations called the Trust Project. Facebook also sought to end false identities by putting Verification badges on Messenger.

That is all there is to it for now, we’ll post updates as soon as we get them.

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