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Young Man and tanod in Davao

Young Man Allegedly Beaten, Stabbed By Barangay Tanod In Davao City

Criminal Investigation

Facebook Under Criminal Investigation Over Data-Sharing Deals

Facebook Statement

Facebook Issues Statement On Downtime – Not Due To “DDoS Attack”

Dark Mode

How To Activate Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger

Bus employee daughter complain

Bus Employee’s Daughter Complains Father’s Inconsiderate Employers


Facebook To Ban Self-Harm Pictures On Social Media Platform

Kahit Ayaw mo Na Mimi 3

VIRAL: Kahit Ayaw Mo Na Challenge: Mimi’s Hilarious Video

Madam Kilay 4

Madam Kilay Talks About Separation With Husband “Afam”


WhatsApp Reduces Message Forwarding Limit To Fight “Fake News”