Kiko Pangilinan Files Libel Case vs YouTube Channel for Malicious Content

Kiko Pangilinan Files Libel Case Against YouTube Channel over Malicious Content Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan files a libel case against a YouTube Channel for allegedly spreading false information and malicious content. A libel suit was brought against YouTube channel Maharlika by the Vice-Presidential candidate. Sen. Pangilinan filed the case on Monday, Feb. 14, for allegedly … Read more

8 Travelers from South Africa to Face Charges Over False Information

8 Travelers from South Africa Giving False Information to Face Charges – DOH The Department of Health (DOH) will file charges against 8 travelers from South Africa if proved that they provide wrong information. The Department of Health has cautioned that if tourists provide false information on the health declaration form, criminal charges would be … Read more

Contact Tracers Admit Having Hard Time Tracing Due to False Information

Contact Tracers Air Dismay to People Putting False Information in Contact Forms CONTACT TRACERS – The monitoring team admitted that they are having a hard time tracing patients due to false information logged in contact tracing forms. Despite the importance of contact tracing to monitor the spread of COVID-19, it seems that some people do … Read more

Woman in Singapore Jailed After Lying to Coronavirus Contact Tracers

Woman in Singapore Lying to Contact Tracers for Coronavirus Arrested SINGAPORE- Singaporean woman was arrested and jailed for 5 months after lying to contact tracers for coronavirus disease (COVID-19). A 65-year-old woman was sentenced to six months in prison after being arrested for lying to the contact tracers as she hides her meetings with a … Read more

Hontiveros Urges Public To Stop Spreading False Information About Coronavirus


Senator Risa Hontiveros Urges Public To Stop Spreading Unverified Information About Coronavirus Senator Risa Hontiveros urged the Filipino people to stop spreading false or unverified information about coronavirus. The statement of the lawmaker came after the Department of Health announced that they were currently investigating a suspected case of novel coronavirus or 2019-nCoV. The case started … Read more

Online Game That Helps Combat False Information Spread

This Online Game Helps In Fighting False Information Spread ONLINE GAME – This game helps combat the spread of false information by letting people develop their ability to assess the source of information. Recurring problems with false information spreading all over different media platforms have been a nuisance recently. Capable individuals are now looking for … Read more

Facebook Targets Groups For Spreading False Information

The Giant Of Social Media Networking Decided To Address Issues Of Misinformation FACEBOOK TARGETS – Facebook has decided to ‘crack down’ on groups that cause the spread of false information throughout the social media platform. Recently, is has been revealed that there would be some changes in the top social media platforms this 2019. Read … Read more