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Meaning & Examples of Intensive Pronoun

INTENSIVE PRONOUN – Here are the meaning and the examples of Intensive Pronoun which is a part of speech in English.

One of the parts of speech in English which have many types is pronoun. It is a word that replaces the noun, a name of person, place, thing, etc., in a sentence to avoid its repetition.

Do you wish to know which are some of the types of pronouns in the English language? Here is a list of them:

Aside from the aforementioned types of pronouns, another kind under this part of speech is the Intensive Pronoun. In this article, we will learn about its meaning, examples, and sample sentences.

Intensive Pronoun


Its meaning…

An intensive pronoun is a pronoun that stresses a noun or another pronoun in a sentence according to Grammar. To do it, it usually refers back to the noun or pronoun putting emphasis on it.

Its examples…

  • Myself
  • Himself
  • Herself
  • Itself
  • Themselves
  • Ourselves



  1. I myself will bring flowers to Jessa on her graduation day.
  2. If Leon can’t do it, I will do it myself.


  1. Jacob himself both his shoes and polo for his birthday.
  2. Nilo decided to bring the cats to the veterinarian himself.


  1. Charlotte herself cut the ribbon during the opening of her family’s newest salon.
  2. The teacher herself cleaned the room and arranged the chairs after the students left with no notice at all.


  1. The dog itself started looking for its own food.
  2. The tree bent and adjusted to the wind itself.


  1. Sid, Dino, and Antonio themselves took the wallet of their friend Marcus.
  2. Shane and Marty themselves prepared for their breakfast.


  1. I and Ace will clean the room ourselves after the surprise party.
  2. Me and my classmates will go to the park ourselves for the school program on Sunday.

We’re pleased to have helped you on your inquiry regarding this kind of pronoun. Thank you for visiting us. Rest assured we’ll continue to post informative updates.

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