Driver’s License Renewal Requirements Set By LTO (Full-List)

Full List of Driver’s License Renewal Requirements

DRIVER’S LICENSE RENEWAL REQUIREMENTS BY LTO – Here is a short list of the requirements needed in renewing your LTO Driver’s License.

The government agency in the Philippines tasked to issue licenses and permits to individuals who are qualified to drive is the Land Transportation Office or more commonly called as LTO.

Among those that the government agency issues are the LTO Student Permit and the professional and non-profession LTO Driver’s License. Each has different qualifications and requirements.

There is validity in every permit and license issued. Prior to its expiration or on the date of its expiry, you may proceed to its renewal. There is a short list of the LTO Driver’s License renewal requirements that you must comply with.

Driver's License Renewal Requirements
Photo Courtesy of LTO

On its official website, the Land Transportation Office has posted the requirements for the renewal of a non-professional Driver’s License.

Here is a short list of the Driver’s License Renewal Requirements set by the LTO:

  • Duly-Accomplished Application Form for Driver’s License
  • Medical Certificate stating the health status of the applicant

The ADL form can be obtained from the LTO office in your municipality or city. It will asked certain details and some would appear on your license.

Submit the requirements and have it checked by an LTO personnel. If everything in your document got no problem, you will then proceed to the photo capture.

There are fees that you will have to pay for the renewal of your Driver’s License. After paying, you will have to wait for your NPDL card, receipt, and old license. On the Released Form, write your name and signature.

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