PHOTOS: Julius Babao, Christine Bersola Shows Art-Filled House

Photos inside the Art-Filled House of Julius Babao, Christine Bersola

JULIUS BABAO – Take a peek inside the art-filled house of news anchor Julius Babao and his wife Christine Bersola.

Filipino broadcast journalist Julius Babao is one of the very successful personalities in the business. He worked for Kapamilya’s TV Patrol from 2003 to 2010.

Julius married his fellow journalist Christine “Tintin” Bersola last 2003. The couple is blessed with two beautiful children named Antonia Babao and Antonio Babao.

julius babao family
Photo Source: Showbiz Read

Julius Babao is not only articulate and charming on his reports, he is also very knowledgeable when it comes to art.

julius babao
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He has sympathy to artworks and to the artists. His taste in arts is impeccable that even their home is undeniably very artistic.

Based on a report from ABS-CBN, Julius Babao and Tintin named their house “Casa Uccello” which means “bird house”. Their home is like an art gallery that is located at a village in Quezon City.

casa uccello
Photo Source: ABS-CBN

The museum-inspired home was designed by a young architect Jason Buensalido. Julius packed with beautiful paintings, art pieces, and contemporary furniture.

The family’s sofa and centertable was made by a famous artist Vito Selma. The living room has a Horse Lamp, a Spun Chair and an Egg Chair.

Their hall was ornamented by local and international artists like Ronald Ventura, Jose Santos III, Elmer Borlongan and the Australian Gottfried Helnwein.

julius babao house
Photo Source: @juliusbabao IG

Because of its glamor, several celebrities have visited the Casa Uccello of Julius Babao and Christine Bersola’s house.

Celebrities like Roxanne Guinoo, Maine Mendoza, Charlene Gonzales, Aga Muhlach, and Kc Concepcion among others went to the art house.

According to the report, Jason said he felt pleased each time Julius and Tintin post pictures of their house on the social media.

Julius undeniably poured his love of arts all over his house which is enjoyed by his family and friends.

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