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11:13 AM October 23, 2018

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11:13 AM October 23, 2018

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Disqualification Case Against the Election 2019 Senate Bid of Sen. Pimentel Lodged

PIMENTEL – Philippine Senator Koko Pimentel reacted to the disqualification case filed against his Senate bid in the Election 2019.

One of the Election 2019 Senatorial Candidates is former Senate President Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III. Prior to his wedding with Kathryna Yu, the Senator filed his Certificate of Candidacy (COC).

However, amid the many people expressing their continuous support for the Senator, a lawyer has filed a disqualification case against him.

Attorney Ferdinand Topacio claims that Sen. Koko Pimentel is already serving his second and last term in the Senate. He is the one behind the disqualification case against the Senator’s Election 2019 Senate bid.


SEN. KOKO PIMENTEL / Senate PRIB/Joseph Vidal

Sen. Koko Pimentel and Atty. Ferdinand Topacio are not strangers to each other. They are friends but, as to the lawyer, he has to uphold the law.

For the part of the Senator, he is not worried about the disqualification case against Election 2019 Senate bid.

Speaking to ANC, the former Senate President expressed that he only served for a year and ten months of his 2007 senatorial race victory. It was already in August 2011 when he was declared as the winner.

Initially, it was Sen. Juan Miguel Zubiri who landed on the 12th and last spot. Sen. Pimentel contested it and claimed that the former benefited on the cheating of his party.

Koko Pimentel

Photo Courtesy of BusinessWorld

Based on the report, with regards to the disqualification case against his Senate Bid, Sen. Koko Pimentel expressed that Atty. Topacio on looked at the latter part of the Article VI, Section 4 of the Philippine Constitution.

The said latter part states, “No Senator shall serve for more than two consecutive terms”.

According to the former Senate President, the lawyer did not consider the first part of the said article in the Constitution which stressed the number of years in the term of office.

“The term of office of the Senators shall be six years and shall commence, unless otherwise provided by law, at noon on the thirtieth day of June next following their election.”

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