Luis Manzano Shared What He Discovered Under The Ocean With Disappointment

What did Luis Manzano discover under the ocean?

LUIS MANZANO – The prominent Kapamilya host Luis Manzano shared what he had discovered under the ocean with such disappointment.

Move before everything gets too late. However, there are people who are seemingly not heeding the said statement.

The Earth is our home. Yet, some people do not give a care about the welfare of our home. Our own doings is what taking down the Earth.

And Luis Manzano has something to share about this after discovering something after having a dive.

Aside from being a prominent male host from the Kapamilya network, Manzano is also known for his love of the underwater.

He usually goes on diving and even brought his girlfriend Jessy Mendiola at such activities.

But recently, he shared something on social media to where he also expressed his disappoint over what he has seen underwater.

“AFTER ONE DIVE, see the amount of plastic and trash we have in our waters, we are better than this everyone!!!! What is happening to our oceans, see the amount we picked up after just ONE DIVE,” the male host wrote in a post.

Moreover, he added, “Please be more responsible with your trash, please naman 🙁 all the clean up dives in the world won’t do anything unless we dispose of garbage the right way! WE HAVE A PROBLEM PEOPLE.”

This has then gathered comments from the netizens agreeing to his statement about the garbages found in the ocean caused by lack of discipline of the people.

Some were sad upon seeing it even.

As a public figure and with social media, he can definitely raise awareness among the people about this alarming global dilemma.

What can you say about this?

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