Did Nash Aguas and Alexa Ilacad become a couple before?

NASH AGUAS – The Good Son actor Nash Aguas revealed details about his past relationship with his loveteam partner Alexa Ilacad.

Among the loveteams under the Kapamilya network is the “NLex” which is composed of Nash Aguas and Alexa Ilacad. The two young celebrities have been on-screen partners for several years.

Previously, speaking on Tonight With Boy Abunda, the young actor gave a statement that seemed to confirm that a special relationship blossomed between him and Alexa before. According to him, they are currently “good friends” and they don’t anymore tell each other “I love you”.

Based on a report, it was just recently when Nash Aguas confirmed that there is a chance that they will be separated as she will be venturing the field of singing. Meanwhile, he expressed that he supports his loveteam partner in pursuing her dream.

Nash Aguas

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Recently, Nash Aguas shared his feeling that Alexa Ilacad won’t totally leave the field of acting.

Based on a recent report in Philippines’ Ultimate Showbiz Hub (PUSH), speaking at the story conference of his new film Class of 2018, the young actor revealed that Alexa really dreams to become a singer and she is pursuing it now.

According to him, he feels that she will do it together with leaving the field of acting as she really has the talent in acting.

“Ayaw lang namin na malimit ‘yung isa’t isa sa ganon lang na love team lang kami, kaya nag-explore kami,” he said.

Alexa Ilacad

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Based on the report, Nash Aguas also revealed that Alexa Ilacad is currently doing her second album and she is focusing on it. During the story conference, the young actor also shared details about their relationship before.

When asked if his loveteam partner became his girlfriend before, Nash expressed that it was perhaps a “Mutual Understanding” or M.U. and he does not want them to become too showy as she was still young during that time. He revealed that they were in that state for a long time.

“”Siguro M.U. (mutual understanding), may limitations kasi di kagaya ‘pag kayo parang sobrang clingy ganyan, sobrang showy and ayaw ko rin naman nong ganon kasi bata pa siya nong time na ‘yun,” he said based on the report.

Alexa Ilacad, Nash Aguas

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One of the recent projects that had both Nash Aguas and Alexa Ilacad as part of the casting is the ABS-CBN drama television series The Good Son. They worked together with Joshua Garcia, Jerome Ponce, McCoy de Leon, Eula Valdez, Mylene Dizon, Ronnie Lazaro, Loisa Andalio, and Elisse Joson among others.

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