Read Jackie Forster’s message for her children.

JACKIE FORSTER – The former actress Jackie Forster has left the netizens teary-eyed after sharing her heart-wrenching message for her five children.

Being a mother is definitely not an easy task. From carrying a life in their stomach for nine months to undergoing a life and death situation to bring the life out and raised the child with all the love that they could offer.

After nine months of suffering back pain due to the apparent growth of life inside their stomach comes those sleepless nights and a day full of work as a wife to her husband and a mother to her child.

The journey to motherhood is tough but being a mother is absolutely tougher. And Jackie Forster is one evidence how far and how deep a mother’s love can go through.

When you have little pieces of you walking around on earth, all you can do that makes the biggest difference is to pray for them. When your heart beats in tune with your prayer their Homing Device will activate, eventually they come home. This is all that matters now, that we are together again ❤️ no matter what anyone says @_kokoparas will always be mamas hero ? Thank you to kuya @andreparas for taking good care of him while mama was away. God is sooooo good! I told you all – #prayerswork I ask for everyone to please respect their privacy now, we have shared so much of our personal lives with everyone and we want to take this time to heal and bond. No more bashing please. We lift you all up in prayers and speak blessing upon you all. The boys and I do not want to dwell on the past. We will not speak on behalf of people outside of our relationship. That’s not our place. On behalf of my two sons I want to thank those of you who prayed for us and with us! God bless your hearts a million folds!!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ J.A.C.K.Y

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She never gave up to her two sons who are far away from her along taking care to her three other children with her husband.

Jackie is really a strong person and even stronger as a mother. Thus, after a long time of working her way into their hearts of her two sons the reconciliation and forgiveness that she had been asking and praying for has finally come true.

And this Mother’s Day, Jackie expressed something on Instagram which left the netizens teary for it showed not what kind of a person she is, but as a mother as well.

A little from her post says, “Motherhood is tough, but I am tougher! I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for all of my children and the strength and love from our Lord!”

Read the full post below:

My journey through motherhood hasn’t been easy. I started at 16 and feel like I’m coming full circle early at 39. From losing myself before I could even grow up, to knowing who I am and what I am really truly capable of. Today I find myself facing the most fulfilling and yet challenging times. I suddenly have two grown men in my life but because the Lord has equipped me to face anything that comes my way.. I’m telling those who still want to put me down or stand in my way to make sure you bring it! I want all of my children to know with every ounce of their being that for as long as I am alive I will be here to make sure they are protected and nurtured and provided for, guided and understood and Respected but most importantly that they are UNCONDITIONALLY LOVED . That means I love you regardless of what any one says or makes you do, I love you regardless of whether you do what I say or do, I love you even when you make mistakes, I love you even when you say hurtful things, I love you even if you do what we said you shouldn’t, i love you even when you aren’t honest with me, I love you even if you smell bad, i love you even if you don’t say it to me, I love you even if you forget about me, I love you even more- when you don’t love yourself!!! I love you. You will all be mamas babies even when the day comes that that I can no longer be by your side. I will never stop loving you! Never. Motherhood is tough, but I am tougher! I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for all of my children and the strength and love from our Lord! I’m grateful I get to be me and the mother I want to be with my husband who has helped nurture the lioness in me. ? ? #HappyMothersDay to the awesome imperfect women in my life I love you Lola Dorothy and @lucille030257 @farrahforsterpermanentmakeup and to all mothers staying strong every day and always forgiving themselves for not always getting it right!!! If God is for us, who can be against us???? #myriches @jared_therockstar ? @andreparas ? @caleighsimone ? @_kokoparas ? #yohandsomef ⚽️

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