LOOK: Sarah Lahbati, Richard Gutierrez’s Unique Birthday Gift For Son Zion

Sarah Lahbati, Richard Gutierrez Prepare Surprise for Eldest Son

SARAH LAHBATI – Actress Sarah Lahbati and her fiance Richard Gutierrez prepared a surprise for their eldest son Zion Lahbati Gutierrez.

Celebrity couple Sarah Lahbati and Richard Gutierrez now have two sons – Zion and Kai. Based on a report, the couple really prepared their first-born into having a sibling before the actress finally gave birth to baby Kai.

Both Richard and Sarah spent time with Zion and they also made sure that he does not feel left out as they prepare to welcome another member of their growing family. The photos and videos posted by the couple on social media really show that their eldest is so fond of his baby brother.

Recently, Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati’s son Zion turned a year older and his parents have prepared a birthday surprise for the five-year-old boy.

Sarah Lahbati, Richard Gutierrez Family
@sarahlahbati IG | Photo by @raymundisaac

On her social media account, Sarah Lahbati posted a photo and a video of Zion Gutierrez. In her caption, the actress revealed that they initially joked on their eldest son and told him that their gift to him is a little foosball ball.

According to the mother of two, her son is genuinely happy with it. They then surprised him with his “favorite foosball table” that really wowed him. They could be heard greeting the five-year-old boy a happy birthday.

The social media post of Sarah Lahbati caught the attention of her followers on Instagram. Many of them left comments in her post.

@chrstnguno: “Hahaha the cutest!! Ang cuuuuuute nung pagpikit!!! Hindi na talaga niya nahintay na sabihin sa kanya na open your eyes! So pogiiii”

@chrstnguno: “Well atleast he didn’t complain when you said that his present was the little soccer ball. @sarahlahbati @richardgutz you both are raising him very well, good that he knows how to appreciate and not complain, at a very young age”

@manezguido1925: “Wow you are the cutest and very contented for what you have Zion good boy”


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