Kris Aquino’s Rants Ignored By James Yap, Korina Sanchez?

James Yap and Korina Sanchez ignored Kris Aquino?

KRIS AQUINO – Basketball star player James Yap and broadcaster Korina Sanchez reportedly just ignored the rants of Kris Aquino against the two of them.

Kris Aquino has lately been the subject of intrigue and controversy after she fired words against former husband James Yap and former co-host Korina Sanchez.

She poured out all her emotions with so much intensity in every word she wrote in her post.

But it seems like the two persons she has been hitting have ignored her rants against them.

Kris Aquino

According to a report from Bandera, James and Korina just remained silent and did not fire back to the tirades of the actress.

James’ Twitter and Instagram feed is full of posts about him and riding his high-end big bike.

While Korina Sanchez’s recent Instagram posts are all about positivity and good vibes.

According to a previous article, Kris Aquino firing words against James has started when the latter has greeted their son Bimby in a post saying that he has never seen his son for a long time already.

Kris Aquino

He further added that it has also been so long since they have spent time together.

She indicated in her post that the reasons why James was not able to meet their son is because Bimby was already no use to James after the latter got millions out of their marriage.

But James just defended her greeting post saying that it has nothing wrong with it based on an article.

While with Korina Sanchez, she rattled about the show featuring James Yap saying that the program showed no consideration for airing the episode just in time where a brewing row revived between her and former husband.

Kris Aquino

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