Russian Fisherman Discovers Artifact Containing 250 Million-Year-Old Microchip

Russian Fisherman Discovers Artifact Containing 250 Million-Year-Old Microchip

A Russian fisherman discovered an artifact containing a 250 million-year-old microchip proving that ancient advanced civilization exist.

A fisherman named Victor Morozov from Labinsk, Russia found an artifact containing a microchip, which is estimated aging 225-250 million-year-old, according to the result of carbon dating conducted by Russian paleontologists.

Some of the researchers believe that the blade-shaped microchip could expose the advanced or extraterrestrial origin.


The microchip embedded on a rock, which allegedly exists when the Earth faced its worst extinction event during the last periods of Permian period.

The experts were also looking at the possibility that the strange fossil could change the way how people see the history.


The blade-shape microchip also stirred some speculations from the researchers that it has been created even before the age of dinosaurs.

250 Million-Year-Old Microchip

While there are some skeptics believing that the object might just be a fossil of an animal or plant during the Permian phase.

However, there are numerous questions regarding the object that needs answers such as who created this microchip and what was its purpose?

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