Peter Lim Denies Involvement On Illegal Drugs, Scared For His Life

Cebu Businessman Peter Lim Denied Alleged Involvement On Illegal Drugs

The Chinese-Filipino businessman Peter Lim has denied his involvement with illegal drugs and said that he is scared for his life.

The Cebu businessman has expressed his concern for his own safety after the authorities have filed criminal charges against him over his alleged involvement in the proliferations of illegal drugs. He also described the accusations against him fake.

Lim also denied his alleged involvement in the illegal drug trade after the Philippine National Police-Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (PNP-CIDG) linked him to Visayan drug lord Kerwin Espinosa.

Peter Lim

President Rodrigo Duterte also tagged Lim as linked to the operation of illegal drug trade in the country. The accused voluntarily surrendered to the authorities last year as he fears for his life and family.

“I’m scared about my life because of the false accusations people might think is true, and it’s not true. I’ve never been in that business and I will never be in that business,” said by Lim in a press conference.

The businessman also declined the allegations that he was meeting Espinosa and Marcelo Adorco, Lim’s aide. Adorco claimed that the business tycoon is a supplier of illegal substance in Thailand.

Peter Lim

Lim was scheduled to attend the preliminary investigation on August 14 and 17, 2017 as mandated by the Department of Justice. He has repeatedly insisted his innocence and denied all the allegations thrown at him.

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