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Vice Ganda: “Meet my new boyfriend”, Find Out Who!

Vice Ganda posted a video of him and his alleged ‘new boyfriend’ on his Instagram account.

VICE GANDA – The sensational comedian posed a picture with his ‘new boyfriend’ inside the ABS-CBN station, find out who is the new guy.

Despite the popularity of the comedian and actor of the Kapamilya network, Vice Ganda still managed to make his flings and relationship a secret and private to everyone.

However, him being linked to the Far Eastern University (FEU) basketball player and now one of the country’s player for the national team, Terrence Romeo, is never a secret to the people.

And their ‘break up’ has totally made the comedian broken. He seemingly is really affected and that was reportedly reflected on the spoken word poetry stint he did during his Valentine’s Day concert.

As based on the previous report, on the concert,  he never failed his audience on his  performance but what struck and hit everyone is the spoken word poetry he did.

On the poem, he recalled  the happenings during his relationship with a basketball player. Hence, gave the people a hint that it was for Terrence  Romeo.

Btu the player is now engaged to yet unknown girl.

And just recently, the Facebook page Celebrity Desk shared and posted a video of the comedian and his alleged ‘new boyfriend’.

As seen on the video, the comedian is really happy and that romantic excitement was evident on her his face as he posed with the guy inside the ABS-CBN station in gullible.

But, it has turned that the boyfriend he was referring to is the stand of the actor Zanjoe Marudo.

Zanjoe and Vice does not have that romantic relationship in between them. They are just mere acquaintances and even friends.

It was just a prank from the comedian, obviously. The video was originally posted on his Instagram stories.

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