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Watch: Pinoy Motorist Using 90cc Motorcycle Beats Korean Rider 1000cc

Pinoy Motorist Using 90cc Motorcycle Beats Korean Rider 1000cc

The video of a Pinoy motorist using a 90cc motorcycle beats Korean rider with a 1000cc motorcycle in a 250-meter friendly race goes viral online.

Nowadays, drag racing is very popular all around the world due to adventure and enjoyable experience. Sometimes it is held just for fun and entertainment purposes, but racers must be extra careful to avoid accident and injuries.

The Facebook page “YouLike PH” has uploaded a video of motorcycle race between a Filipino and a Korean national. Unexpectedly, the Filipino motorcycle rider beats the Korean rider easily.

Pinoy Motorist

The Filipino motorist was only using a 90cc and a smaller motorcycle compared to the Korean rider who use a 1000cc motorcycle. Both riders were excited to start and to find out who’s much better.

The Pinoy rider shows off his amazing skills in the motorcycle race and beats the Korean national in a 250-meter friendly game. The friends and supporters of the Filipino motorist were rejoicing after his sweet victory.

The video immediately goes viral after it was posted in the social media. The viral video garnered 19k views, 137 reactions, 209 shares, and 17 comments as of this post.

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