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Spotted: Man Holds Cigarette While Riding In Gov’t Car?

Photos of a man riding in a government vehicle crossed the social media.

MAN – Several photos of a man riding in a vehicle utilized for the official purposes only crossed the social media platform.

Recently, three photos were posted on the Facebook page of RMN Iloilo. The first photo showed at least three people sitting at the back of a multi-cab. These people were wearing yellow shirts which seem like a uniform.

In the photo, the right hand of the man was emphasized. He is holding something – possibly a cigarette when zoomed in. It could be seen in the photo that the ground is clear.

The second photo posted centered on the ground area. A cigarette-like object was stressed in the picture. The plate number of the vehicle is not visible.

In the third photo, something surprising has been emphasized. A statement on the car has been stressed: ‘FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY’


Photo lifted from the Facebook Page of RMN Iloilo


Photo lifted from the Facebook Page of RMN Iloilo


Photo lifted from the Facebook Page of RMN Iloilo

As of the writing, one netizen has expressed her opinion towards the post through dropping a comment.

“Grav cla manakup tapux cla tma man ka tonto!” she stated.

[They are extreme in catching others but they themselves are silly.]

Could it be that the man riding in the vehicle used for official purposes part of the government?

Nevertheless, whether he is part of the government or not, if he was holding a cigarette and intentionally threw it on the ground, that is obviously not a desirable act.

Moreover, considering the location and focus of the Facebook page that posted the photos, this could be in Iloilo – a place known to be smoke-free.

It is really essential that we keep ourselves mindful of our actions most especially if we are out in the public. For our own sake, we have rules to abide and actions that we should keep ourselves from doing.

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