Iloilo City Under State Of Calamity Due To Pertussis Outbreak

Iloilo City

A day after the outbreak, Iloilo City is now under state of calamity. ILOILO CITY has been placed under a state of calamity which was declared a day after pertussis outbreak has been announced. The entire city of Iloilo is declared under the state of calamity. This announcement was made a day after the pertussis (whooping … Read more

Iloilo Man Lost His Life After Shot by Neighbor Due to Unpaid Debt

Iloilo Man

Iloilo man named Armando Samson, tragically lost his life in a shooting incident that was allegedly triggered by an unpaid debt dispute. The suspect immediately leave the area to escape. Catalan reportedly brandishing his firearm when dealing with his debtors. However, there are no formal complaints had been filed against the suspect despite the accusations. … Read more

Man in Iloilo City Shot by Neighbor Over Debt Dispute

Iloilo City

Man Shot by Neighbor in Iloilo City Over Unpaid Debt Dispute A man lost his life after being shot by his neighbor in Molo, Iloilo City, during a dispute over an unpaid debt. Armando Samson, the victim was pronounced dead at the scene after sustaining multiple gunshot wounds. The shooting incident occurred in Barangay Boulevard, … Read more

Modern Jeepney Conductor Assaulted by 3 Barkers in Iloilo City

Jeepney Conductor

3 Barkers in Iloilo City Assault Modern Jeepney Conductor A modern jeepney conductor was caught on a dash camera while being assaulted by three barkers in Iloilo City. In Jaro, Iloilo City, a distressing incident involving a jeepney conductor and three barkers shows the challenges faced by public transportation workers and points out the need … Read more

Bacolod Vice Mayor Declared “Persona Non Grata” for Sending Badjaos to Iloilo City

Iloilo City Declared Bacolod Vice Mayor “Persona Non Grata” for Sending Badjaos The Mayor of Iloilo City has declared the vice mayor of Bacolod City “persona non grata” for allegedly sending badjaos to their city. Iloilo City has proclaimed the vice-mayor of Bacolod City persona non grata after he allegedly transported numerous Badjaos from Bacolod. … Read more

Dismissed Cop Jailed after He Hold-up J&T Supervisor in Iloilo City

Dismissed Cop Who Hold-up J&T Express Supervisor Arrested in Iloilo City Authorities arrested a cop who was dismissed from service after he allegedly hold-up the supervisor of J&T Express in Iloilo City. According to the Daily Guardian, the former police officer was the prime suspect in the robbery of J&T Express supervisor in Sara. Lyman … Read more

Lady Victim Fights Back & Beats Alleged Robber in Iloilo City

Lady Victim

Alleged Robber in Iloilo City Got Arrested After Lady Victim Fights Back The 28-year-old lady victim identified as Cathryn Tolentino beats the alleged robber who attempted to steal her valuables. The Facebook page “Bombo Radyo Iloilo” reported that a lady resident fought back and mauled an alleged robber who tried to steal her valuables in … Read more

Mother Arrested for Selling Own Child in Iloilo City

Police Arrest a Mother in Iloilo City for Selling Her Own Child Police authorities arrested a mother along with her partner for allegedly selling her own child in Iloilo City. A 29-year-old woman was detained by the Criminal Investigation Detection Group-Iloilo (CIDG-ILOILO) after she and her accomplice were discovered selling her own kid in Iloilo … Read more