Mom in Iloilo Assaulted by Own Child on Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day Tragedy: Mom Assaulted By Her Own Child in Iloilo MOTHER’S DAY DISPUTE – A mom in Iloilo sustained wounds and injuries after being assaulted by her own child on Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is a special day dedicated to honoring and celebrating mothers and motherhood. It’s a time to express gratitude, love, and … Read more

Iloilo Fisherman Lost His Life After Needlefish Attack

Iloilo Fisherman

Fisherman in Iloilo Lost His Life After Victimized by Needlefish Attack A fisherman has lost his life after being pierced by a “balu” or needlefish in the abdomen in Barangay Parara Norte, Tigbauan, Iloilo. Needlefish are a type of fish characterized by their long, slender bodies and elongated, needle-like jaws filled with sharp teeth. They … Read more

Teacher Criticized for Allegedly Forcing Student to Eat Classmate’s Chewing Gum


Iloilo Teacher Earns Negative Feedback Online After Forcing Student to Eat Classmate’s Discarded Chewing Gum A teacher in Santa Barbara, Iloilo faces criticism for allegedly forcing a student to eat his classmate’s discarded chewing gum. A student identified as alias “Toto shared that he and his classmate were giggling while chewing gum at the back … Read more

Couple in Iloilo Ties the Knot in Genshin Impact-Inspired Wedding


Iloilo City Couple Exchanged Vows in Genshin Impact-Inspired Wedding A couple in Iloilo City exchanged vows in a wedding ceremony inspired by popular role-playing game, Genshin Impact. Recently, Winky Palmares-Dignadice, the bride made local gamers happy on a Facebook group dedicated to the game by posting an old photo of their January 2023 wedding invitation. The … Read more

Iloilo Baby Captures Attention for Being Born with White Hair

Iloilo Baby

WHITE-HAIRED BABY – An Iloilo baby has gone viral and captured the interest of the general public for being born with white hair. The family is puzzled by the unexpected appearance of white hair on the newborn. However, there were no complications during pregnancy or childbirth. Medical experts assume that the condition could be attributed … Read more

Newborn Baby in Oton, Iloilo Born w/ White Hair

Newborn Baby

Newborn Baby in Oton, Iloilo Captures Attention Online for Being Born w/ White Hair A newborn baby in Oton, Iloilo goes viral and earned various reactions online for being born with white hair. Poliosis is a rare condition characterized by the absence of melanin in the hair follicles, resulting in patches or strands of white … Read more

Elderly Worker Spends Christmas at Bus Terminal After Abandoned by Employer

Elderly Worker

Elderly Worker Spends Christmas at Bus Terminal After Abandoned by Employer An elderly worker, along with his colleagues, spent Christmas at the Ceres bus terminal in Iloilo after they were allegedly abandoned by their employer. Maxine Louise Feranil, a Facebook user, shared the story of an elderly worker named Allan Lachica and 16 other laborers … Read more

Viral Food Vendor in Iloilo Touches Hearts of Netizens

Viral Food Vendor

Viral Food Vendor in Iloilo Goes Viral Online ILOILO, PHILIPPINES – A viral food vendor in Megaworld Iloilo touched the hearts of the online community. A Facebook user named Aliyaah Bianca Candoleza has shared photos of a young boy selling food in Megaworld Iloilo. The heartbreaking post quickly garnered various reactions from internet users. Candoleza’s … Read more

17 Couples Tie the Knot in Iloilo Despite Severe Flooding


Despite Severe Flooding in Oton, Iloilo, 17 Couples Tie the Knot Recognizing the Importance of Marriage 17 couples exchanged their vows in the midst of a severe flood in Oton, Iloilo, in a display of love and commitment. The floodwaters that overwhelmed the area did not stop these couples from celebrating their love and taking … Read more