Guimaras’ Mangoes Served At White House, Buckingham Palace

Guimaras’ Mangoes are the only mangoes allowed to be served at the White House and The Buckingham Palace.

Guimaras’ mangoes are exported to other countries and they are even served at the White House and The Buckingham Palace.

Mango is on the 3rd spot when it comes to exported fruits from the Philippines and “Champagne mango,” as what Americans often call the Carabao mango, composed 80% of the product mentioned as exported.

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Based on a news feature report in, there are reasons why the mangoes of Guimaras are the only mangoes that are served at the White House and Buckingham Palace.

It was stated in the article that the mangoes of the Guimaras holds the Guinness World Record for being so sweet. And that the island of Guimaras itself is housing 50,000 mango trees and more.

Even the National Mango Research Development Center has facilitated more advance technology in the production of the said product.

The advance use of technology helped the small-scale mango growers to have an increase in their productivity. The said center is located at the Municipality in San Miguel which is also in the island of Guimaras.

As of now even, Guimaras remains the only region in the Philippines to do exportation of mangoes in Australia.

It is because its organizations had created ways and procedures to get rid of mango seeds and pulp weevils and it passed the standards of United States Department of Agriculture and Australia.

Choose Philippines’ report says that the mangoes of Guimaras is sold at the markets of America, Canada, Australia, Singapore and many more.

Guimarasnons take pride in their sweet mangoes. To shelter it from diseases and genetic degradation, they do not allow the import of other mango products from the other places. Tourists are also not allowed to bring in other mango varieties.

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