Netizens Slams Vicki Belo After Blaming Duterte Over Malnourished Animals In Palawan

Vicki Belo Mobbed By Bashers After Blaming Duterte Over Malnourished Animals In Palawan

The Filipino dermatologist Vicki Belo was slammed by the netizens after blaming President Duterte over malnourished zebras and giraffes in Palawan.

Bashers mobbed the Instagram account of “Doctors of Celebrities” Dr. Vicki Velo, after posting the photos of malnourished zebras and giraffes in Busuanga, Palawan last Wednesday (March 22, 2017).

The photos have a caption, which blaming the Duterte administration for malnourished animals. Belo said in her post, that those animals were donated during Marcos administration and have been cared until the leadership of former President Benigno Aquino III, but neglected by Duterte admin.

Vicki Belo

“Can you believe that this is in the #philippines? These animals were donated to us during Marcos regime and have lovingly cared for until P-Noy administration. Unfortunately, since the Duterte administration came in, they have been forgotten and have not received any feeds for a month now,” said by Belo on her Instagram post quoted by News info learn.

Vicki Belo

The celebrity doctor was also urging netizens to save those beautiful animals, but netizens slammed her for blaming the Duterte administration for the malnourished animals. Belo immediately erased her post after she has read the negative comments from her bashers.

Although Belo was able to quickly delete her post, there were some netizens who were able to capture a screenshot of the post and continued to spread and gone viral in the social media. Belo replaced her old post by her photo with giraffes with a caption, which is far from her previous post.

The actress Rosanna Roces also bashed Belo by saying “Ikaw na bumili ng feeds mayaman ka naman eh!!! Ako nagpayaman sa ‘yo, remember?” Belo and Roces were a former best friend, which ends after several controversies they were involved in. Rosanna is one of the first celebrity endorsers of Belo’s beauty clinic.

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